Level 5 Advertising, purveyor of the artificial intelligence platform, Compass, announced the acquisition of website solution provider CellTuck. 
According to a press release, CellTuck incorporates responsive, customizable, and fully-equipped websites for RV and marine dealers across the United States. Level 5, founded in December of 2014, provides dealers and manufactures with targeted marketing solutions including a single omnichannel marketing approach with Compass. During the merger, Level 5 will serve all existing CellTuck clients and partners for a seamless transition. 
“We are extremely honored to continue carrying the torch that CellTuck has held for its clients for many years,” explained Level 5 founder and President Budd Blackburn. “Angie and Claudio Cellucci are well-respected by the industry, their team, and their clients, and we wish them nothing but the best as they move forward with the next chapter of their lives.”
Angie Cellucci, director and CEO of CellTuck, noted, “Budd Blackburn and his Level 5 family are industry leaders and have a strong hold on the market. We’re confident that you are all in amazing hands.”