img_0014aThe experienced designers at Lexington Corporation blend form and function, along with style and comfort, to produce a quality sleeper sofa. The new sofa, with a superior sleeping experience, provides many desired features suitable for installation in a recreational vehicle. Beyond the quality, custom design, this state-of-the-art sofa includes valuable storage under the sofa, weight savings of over 50 pounds when compared to traditional sleeper sofas and an adjustable comfort controlled air mattress that inflates in minutes.

The team of experienced designers and engineers at Lexington Corporation are constantly inventing innovative and creative ways to take a brilliant idea from concept to completion producing furniture that exhibits the utmost level of form and function.

Lexington Corporation has been crafting a legacy for 15 years. With exceptional quality seating products, along with the highest level of customer satisfaction in the industry, the team at Lexington Corporation will work with you to develop a custom piece of furniture to match your functional needs while incorporating your desired style.

Contact: Lexington Corporation, 2503 Banks Court, Elkhart, IN 46514, (574)295-8166, Email: [email protected]