Janine Pettit has been a brand ambassador for Liberty Outdoors since 2016, showcasing the company’s lightweight travel trailers to the female demographic nationwide. According to a press release, in 2018 she transformed a Mini Max trailer into her home-on-the-road and traveling more than 15,000 miles across the country. 

The trailer is now being raffled off in support of the HoldYou Foundation, an organization that provides financial assistance to families in need who have a child facing a critical illness or injury.

“My wife Christine and I suffered the loss of our little girl Lauren Brooke Kicos so we know what families go through facing life-threatening illness. On top of the stress and grief of your child fighting for their life, many families have to worry about paying the utilities, gas to get to the hospital and back, even food. All of the expenses that insurance doesn’t cover. HoldYou Foundation may be small but they’re making a huge impact on people’s lives,” says Joe Kicos, founder of Liberty Outdoors Worldwide LLC.

Pettit noted, “One of the reasons this partnership has worked so well is our shared commitment to community. When I first asked Joe if he’d be willing to donate my trailer to charity, he didn’t hesitate. It’s just one of the many reasons I love this company well beyond the amazing trailers they produce.”

For all families, a life-threatening medical diagnosis for their child is devastating news, but for many families, it will also mean a catastrophic financial loss that creates additional overwhelming stress. In order to care for their child’s healthcare needs, parents often experience work disruption, unpaid leaves and job loss, resulting in their inability to provide for their family’s most basic needs during treatment. Seventy-six percent of the families HoldYou has served have fallen below the federal poverty line during their child’s treatment.

The Little Guy Mini Max is being raffled off for $10 a ticket at www.GirlCamper.com. The Mini Max offers a 6-foot interior height and weighs just under 2,000 pounds, making it an ideal pairing for most small SUVs and well-equipped crossovers. 

HoldYou Foundation Raffle winner will be drawn on Feb. 14 and must travel to Somerset, Pa., to pick up the trailer. For more information, visit www.GoLibertyOutdoors.com.