Mini-Max teardrop by Liberty Outdoors

Somerset, Pa.-based Liberty Outdoors announced the addition of the Little Guy Mini Max to its lineup of teardrop travel trailers, offering RVers a more compact version of the company’s Little Guy Max.

According to a press release, the Mini Max weighs just under 2,000 pounds and is capable of being towed by most small SUVs and well-equipped crossovers. Despite its small stature, the Mini Max offers six-foot interior height and ample storage. The interior also offers several design touches including a residential style wet bath, microwave, queen or dual twin bed configuration, and a large refrigerator.

“We are super excited to announce the Mini Max. Our community has spoken and we are responding with a smaller Max that is much easier to tow, while not sacrificing the best features or the craftsmanship of the larger model,” said Liberty Outdoors cofounder and Managing Director of Sales and Marketing Joe Kicos. “Our operations team and production crew has outdone themselves with the Mini Max. We can’t wait to bring it to the teardrop market.”

“The Mini Max really hits the sweet spot for many more customers,” said Dylan DeHoff, Liberty Outdoors director of operations. “The spaciousness, the storage, the huge refrigerator, the electric ignition stove, the bed configuration, the ability to keep the microwave, I could go on. These are things that trailers in this class simply don’t have. I think our community will be thrilled with the Mini Max.”

The Little Guy Mini Max is entering production now. For more information and to see a 3D tour visit golittleguy.com/mini.