About 500 RVers from as far away as Washington state and the Bahamas congregated at the University of Idaho in Moscow to participate in the 11th annual Life On Wheels RV conference, according to a report in the Moscow-Pullman Daily News.
The conference, founded by veteran RVer and author Gaylord Maxwell, is running June 26-July 1 and teaches RVers first-hand about life on the road.
In addition to Moscow, the original site for the program, conferences are offered in Bethlehem, Pa., Bowling Green, Ky., and Des Moines, Iowa. Next year, Pima Community College in Tucson, Ariz., will be added to the list.
Participants in the Moscow conference will spend the next week attending classes covering all levels of the RVing experience, including courses on mechanical mishaps, various RV styles and even kitchen concerns.
“Last year I took cooking classes,” said Aggi Gary, who came to Moscow from Missoula, Mont. During her second go-around at Life On Wheels, she will take a different approach.
“Our first year we really learned a lot.” Gary said. “But I know I need to take a technical class. And there is a packing class I am going to take, too.”
Maxwell said a special feature of the 2005 Life on Wheels program is a pre-conference session called “Just for Newbies.” This two-day event precedes main conferences, and is designed specifically for new RV owners or RVers looking to become more comfortable with their rigs.
Maxwell and his wife, Marjorie, have been RVers for almost 50 years. As a high school teacher and college professor, Gaylord Maxwell said he realized people needed to be educated on the RV lifestyle.
“It needed to be done,” Maxwell said. The couple lives in Deary, Idaho, during the summer but travel in their RV to Arizona for the winter.
“I like helping people to learn to enjoy RVing more,” Maxwell said. “My wife and I have been all over the U.S. time and time again.”