Around 120 RVs and 60 people from 15 states converged on Bethlehem, Pa., this past weekend to participate in the Life on Wheels program, founded 10 years ago by longtime RV consumer writer Gaylord Maxwell.
According to The Morning Call, this was the first year the three-day conference was based in Bethlehem Township with all classes and seminars being held at Northampton Community College. The event began on Aug. 5 with a pre-conference meeting and concludes today (Aug. 9).
The conference offers in-depth information and instruction on a wide range of RVing topics delivered by a slate of RV experts, including Maxwell. The Bethlehem session is the third in a series of four sessions conducted this year.
Participants in this weekend’s conference attended a variety of classes with titles such as ”Learning Priorities for New RVers,” ”Solo Travelers’ Connections,” and ”The Ins and Outs of Full-timing.”
”The objective is to teach people everything about RVs and the RV lifestyle,” Maxwell said. ”We show them how to do it with less hassle and for less money.”
Maxwell, 79, and his wife, Margie, 76, have been RV enthusiasts since their first camping trip in 1954. Fifty years and 14 RVs later, the couple spends eight months each year touring the county with their dog, Suzie.