Lifestyle 36FW Boulevard decor

Lifestyle 36FW Boulevard decor

As the Lifestyle Luxury RV brand continues its expansion with new dealers from coast-to-coast, it maintains its tight affiliation with the past through the iconic Carriage Travel Club.

According to a press release, Lifestyle Luxury RV was founded in 2012 with the charter to “fill the vacuum left by the passing of many of the luxury fifth-wheel builders in the industry.” The Lifestyle Luxury RV brand continues to expand and prosper with its new Alfa Gold brand while keeping in touch with its “new legacy” of full-time luxury and durability. Exclusive trade territories are now available for quality dealers looking for high-end, luxury fifth wheels with established brand recognition, the company said.

“Our continued growth in market share in the luxury fifth-wheel segment, combined with the rewarding relationship we have with our legacy customers in the the Carriage Travel Club in the United States and Canada, create a unique synergy of new and old here at Lifestyle,” stated General Manger Dymon Farrer. “The result is that we are continually striving to lead the industry with innovative products, brands and designs, while maintaining the legacy of quality that made our brand successful in the first place.”

The Carriage Travel Club is closing in on 40 years of full-timer brand loyalty at its 39th Grand National Rally this year in Branson, Mo., on Oct. 3.

Distinctive features in the Luxury Lifestyle RV fifth-wheel line include:

Titan Structure Frame – A closing sales point with full-timers looking for durability that will last, Lifestyle’s Titan Structure frame is the only frame completely engineered and welded in-house for the highest quality. The double, box-channel American steel frame provides the solid base needed for a raised steel integrated floor. Raising the floor creates the industry’s only rear pass-through storage. The Titan Structure frame has 12-inches of welded, box channel steel to maintain the coach’s structural integrity, with far more rigidity than conventional I-beam frames. This results in the strongest frame in the industry and the only frame engineered to handle a full wall slide out system.

The Only Full-Wall-Slide Fifth-Wheel – Lifestyle Luxury RV builds the only fifth wheel with a true full-wall slide system. Usually only found on high-end motor coaches with massive bus chassis, the full-wall slide system is engineered on risers above the frame for the strongest foundation and smoothest operation. The slide-outs operate on a fully mechanical, rack and pinion system with over-sized gearing for the ultimate reliability-no hydraulic line to maintain or burst.

Alfa Gold Side Hauler – With the introduction of the new Alfa Gold 3905SH for 2015, Lifestyle has another first. This Alfa Gold, built on its own version of the Titan Structure frame, has a motorcycle garage option complete with a lift system that safely loads a motorcycle into a 36 square-foot slide room for easy transport. The award winning design was among the “Top Debuts” from RVBusiness Magazine and has acquired more than 52,000 views on YouTube.