A lighted sign at Dan Gamel RV Center, Oroville, Calif., is legal, but that doesn’t mean that local residents and the county supervisors have to like it, the Chico Enterprise Record reports.
Supervisors earlier this week approved an amendment to the Butte County lighting ordinance that would require signs such as Gamel’s to have a special permit in the future, the newspaper reported.
“I wish we could make this retroactive,” said Supervisor Mary Anne Houx of Chico, who at various times termed the sign a “monstrosity,’ “awful” and `immoral.”
Owners of homes nearby complained that Gamel’s lighted sign disrupted their neighborhood at night, and although the sign was turned off for a time, a new manager relit it.
According to county staff, the lighted sign was allowed to be installed because zoning permitted it.
Although voting for the amendment, Supervisor Curt Josiassen warned the conflict is inherent when businesses abut residential neighborhoods. “It kind of goes both ways here,” Josiassen said. “Either you don’t allow commercial next to residential by rezoning it, or you keep the commercial (strictly) commercial, because we are going to end up hurting people on both ends of the spectrum.”