The small A-frame foldout trailer will never capture a huge slice of the recreation vehicle market. However, according to a report by Motor Matters, those who have them, love them.

“They’re fun and super easy to tow,” say A-frame owners who cut across all backgrounds and ages. What all A-frame enthusiasts definitely have in common is a passion for the outdoors and traveling light.

Over the past decade — in large part due to consumer demand for more fuel-efficient trailers that could be towed easily with a typical family vehicle — RV manufacturers have been turning out a greater variety of smaller, lightweight rigs.

These lighter towables, in combination with a stronger economy, has resulted in eight solid years of RV industry recovery since a low point during the 2008 recession, according to the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA).

Small towables are big business today because they are perfect for budget-conscious young families with standard sized cars and small trucks. When it comes to traveling light and easy towing in a cost effective package, the smartly designed hard-sided A-frame pop-up camping trailers is unquestionably worth a look.

Unlike the canvas-sided tent trailer, the folding A-frame sides are entirely rigid when set up resulting in a more secure and safe unit. After use, the walls then fold down and are neatly tucked away for transport and storage.

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