Goshen, Ind.-based Lippert Components Inc. (LCI) is launching a new line of entry door products following the acquisition of the assets of Amerimax’s U.S. door operations.

According to a press release, the new product line utilizes the designs of both LCI’s existing entry doors and Amerimax’s entry doors. To improve efficiency, LCI is consolidating two production facilities into one, and began transitioning customers to the new door products.

“Rather than producing parallel product lines of both the LCI entry door and the Amerimax entry door, we adopted the best features and the best production methods from both lines and developed a new hybrid product line incorporating the best of both entry doors,” said LCI Vice President of Sales Andy Murray.

The entry door design changes include:

• A base construction with a steel reinforced core panel to add stiffness.

• An updated screen door with a new upgraded latch design for ease of use.

• Three-dimensional injection molded kick panels in the screen door for added strength.

• A square cut joint on the exterior of the door frame for a cleaner fit and finish.

“In addition to these design changes, consolidating production facilities has made the entire entry door production process much leaner,” said Murray.