Goshen, Ind.-based supplier Lippert Components Inc. (LCI) has released Correct Track, an innovative OEM and aftermarket trailer alignment system.

According to a press release, out-of-alignment RV and trailer suspensions may create excessive tire wear and damage to appliances, electronics, gas and water lines—even loosening of the fasteners holding an RV or trailer together. Corrected alignment may also reduce passenger fatigue, improve gas mileage and reduce wear on suspension components.

Correct Track trailer alignment systems are designed to reduce the cause of these problems by allowing OEMs, dealers and consumers to correct the alignment of a RV or trailer suspension. Correct Track can be installed on any RV or trailer that has spring axles, including travel trailer and fifth-wheel RVs, and horse, cargo and specialty trailers.

“The system can be installed directly at the manufacturer, or by over 250 Mobile Outfitters authorized alignment centers and certified dealers under LCI’s Mobile Outfitters label,” said Mobile Outfitters’ General Manager Steve Paul. “Certified Mobile Outfitters dealers offer RV and trailer owners the entire Correct Track alignment package that includes the exclusive Correct Track Laser Alignment Program, tire tread and wear measurements, air pressure check, suspension components inspection and a written report. For the mechanically inclined, Correct Track is also designed to be a simple bolt-on system for the consumer, and can be purchased wherever Mobile Outfitters products are sold.”