An Elkhart, Ind.-based company with a knack for creating more space inside RVs wants to start doing the same for semi tractors.

The Elkhart Truth reported that Lippert Components Inc., the leading manufacturer of slideouts for recreational vehicles, is developing a slideout for semis to give long-haul truck drivers more living and storage space, said Scott McKinnon, specialty sales manager.

“There’s not too many truck stops with playgrounds and picnic tables and outside lounging areas where you can have a campfire or anything like an RV,” McKinnon said. “They’re pretty much locked into sleeping, staying and being in that truck.”

McKinnon said he’s been researching and developing the “heavy truck slide-out project” for eight months. He and a few Lippert colleagues recently traveled to Mooresville, N.C., a Charlotte suburb, to work on two test semis that Lippert uses to haul products.

Mooresville is the home of Outkast Customs, where semi mechanic Kelvin Locklear customizes semis, along with repairing semis and RVs that have been damaged in collisions.

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