David Sherrer

David Sherrer is heading out on a 4-year campaign to advance travel  accessibility for  people with disbalities

Lippert Components Inc. (LCI) announced today it is sponsoring Qchair’s Traveler as the not-for-profit’s executive director David Sherrer sets out on a four-year solo RV trip across the United States and Canada to advance travel accessibility for people with disabilities. LCI has sponsored the trip by providing several upgrade RV accessories and installation free of charge. Furrion, another Elkhart, Ind.-based RV industry company, also donated products.

“I want to help others with mobility impairments find increased access and opportunity to enjoy recreational activities and travel in general,” explained Qchair’s Executive Director David Sherrer in a press release. “The RV offers access to places I couldn’t stay before because there were no accommodations of any kind nearby. As a paraplegic, there are many things I have to consider when I travel. Being able to stop and rest when I need to is huge. So is knowing I will always have a place to sleep no matter where I go.”

On his travels, Sherrer plans to write and produce short videos about his experience, including accessibility reviews on campgrounds, restaurants, museums and other travel destinations. He also is looking for opportunities to showcase to others that RV travel is possible, maybe even ideal, for people with disabilities.

“I want to inspire others with mobility issues to get out and travel,” said Sherrer. “I also want to encourage RV manufacturers and other businesses to incorporate more universal design so people with disabilities can enjoy more travel freedom.”

Sherrer came to Elkhart County on April 20 and dropped his travel trailer RV at LCI’s Goshen service center to have several products installed. The following week he stayed at the South Bend/Elkhart KOA in Granger where LCI Aftermarket Sales Director Steve Paul showed Sherrer how to use his new RV accessories, including a Power Tongue Jack and Power Stabilizer Jacks. Sherrer says these products have already made set up so much easier because he no longer has to crank manual jacks over and over, instead he can simply push a button to stabilize his RV.

“I couldn’t be happier! No doubt all of these products will save me tons of time over the course of my trip,” said Sherrer. “I’m especially impressed with the Straptek weight distribution technology. I had misgivings about the traditional system. I had been warned that the bars could snap back from all the pressure and hit me before I could get out of the way. The Straptek makes me feel safer and is so easy to operate with a standard socket wrench.”

Jarod Lippert, LCI vice president of marketing and public relations, said that when Sherrer contacted him it was clear the company should sponsor the trip. “We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to help David in his mission to show that RV travel can be an excellent way for people with disabilities to enjoy outdoor adventures and even a fulltime mobile lifestyle,” he said. “Our RV accessories enhance the RV experience by making setup, towing and even relaxation significantly easier. We set David up with Forward Self-Adjusting Brakes so he never has to worry about them, Correct Track to give his trailer a straighter tow, Equa-Flex for a smoother ride, and a comfortable, lightweight Denver Mattress so he can get the best rest after a long day of travel.”

LCI also installed the Waste Master waste management system, 360 Siphon® RV holding tank vent, Flow Down adjustable RV drain support, Solera Power Awning, and JT’s Strong Arm Stabilizers that hecan tighten and loosen easily with the T-Handle tool accessory.

Furrion also jumped at the opportunity to help Sherrer. “We wanted to make it easier for David to travel safely on his own so we donated and installed our Observation System with digital wireless technology. Now he has live, uninterrupted video coverage of what’s going on behind the travel trailer at all times,” said Furrion representative Amy Vicsik. “Furrion also provided a 32-inch LED TV, 30-amp inlet conversion kit, and a 25-foot power cord with an easy-grip Pullsmart handle to provide safe disconnect from the power source to avoid neutral loss and prevent power surges.”

Sherrer has a few last things to finish up at home in North Carolina before officially starting his trip, but he says LCI and Furrion have given him an excellent foundation to start his journey on.

“I want to thank Lippert Components and Furrion from the bottom of my heart,” he said. “These RV accessories not only will help me on my journey, but will also help others with disabilities take on their own RV adventures.”