Two Elkhart, Ind.-based trailer component makers will settle their patent dispute in federal court.

The Elkhart Truth reported that Lippert Components Inc. alleges that competitor MOR/Ryde Inc. is making and selling two trailer suspension system “equalizers” that Lippert had patented in 2007 and 2011, according to a complaint filed Friday (Oct. 31) in the northern Indiana U.S. District Court in South Bend.

Equalizers are configured to absorb or dampen the harsh shocks or vibrations coming off of the leaf springs in a recreational vehicle trailer, allowing for a “softer” ride, according to a description of the patented parts filed in court records.

Lippert’s suit alleges that MOR/ryde knows of the patents but the suit makes no mention of having contacted MOR/ryde regarding the matter. The suit asks the court to stop MOR/ryde from selling the products, and to award Lippert monetary damages, up to triple the amount of unspecified actual damages. It also asks that MOR/ryde be forced to tell its customers that it has infringed on Lippert’s patents.

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