unnamedLippert Components Inc. (LCI) announced it has entered into an exclusive agreement with Practical Products providing LCI the rights to distribute and sell the Flow Down adjustable RV drain support system to the RV industry.

“We are always on the lookout for products that we believe our customers will love, and the Flow Down adjustable RV drain support system is the perfect complement to our new Waste Master sewer management system,” said LCI Aftermarket Sales Director Steve Paul in a press release. “The patented Flow Down system is easy to use and so versatile. No more carrying lumber, rocks or modified PVC pipe to hold your hose up off the ground. The Flow Down can easily be adjusted to take the hose over and around obstacles like curbs.”

The durable Flow Down adjustable RV drain support system is used to keep an RV drain hose up off of the ground and easily adjusts to nearly any slope, allowing sewage to properly drain and helping to prevent anything from getting trapped in the hose. The legs of each section can be simply adjusted to create an ideal slope by turning the knobs. This premium system reduces odor by helping to prevent waste buildup, and protects the hose from being damaged by lawn mowers and weed trimmers. The Flow Down can also be set to safely pivot the hose around obstructions. One kit extends to more than 10 feet and it can be easily expanded to 20 feet by adding a second kit.

Practical Products President Dennis Marshall developed Flow Down in 2012 and believes LCI’s reputation and existing customer relationships will launch the product into popularity. “The Flow Down was created for RVers by an RVer,” said Marshall. “There’s nothing quite like it on the market. The Flow Down provides consistent slope and support with adjustable legs every 30 inches and is designed to maintain constant drainage with any RV sewer hose. Many of our customers say it’s sturdier than other systems they’ve tried, and customers also really love that Flow Down is compact and comes with a storage bag to keep all the parts together when not in use.”

The Flow Down adjustable RV drain support is available through Aftermarket channels and online. To view a video click here or scroll down the right side of the RVBUSINESS.com home page. For more information contact Lippert at [email protected] or (574) 312-6654.