As part of IDEA Week, a week-long “innovation festival” in and around northern Indiana, two Lippert Components Inc. (LCI) officials will participate in a panel discussion on “IoT Today and Tomorrow” from 10-11 a.m. Wednesday (April 10) at the Northern Indiana Event Center, Elkhart.

Jessica Hanyzewski, LCI’s CRM solutions lead, and Michael Rupchock, director of customer experience technology at LCI, will discuss real-world IoT applications and also conduct a Q&A on how each company is using connected products. The two will be joined by Burke Maxwell, a principal solution engineer for Salesforce.

Rupchock told RVBUSINESS.com that he hopes to dispel the notion that the IoT — a.k.a. Internet of Things — is not overly complicated.

“The technology has been around for years and has some misconceptions that I hope to address,” he said. “The idea of products connected to ‘the cloud’— or any computer — to monitor or control the product’s functions, health, status, or location is not new, yet it’s viewed as a ‘cutting edge’ concept.

“We’ll be talking about IoT concepts in the home, in vehicles, in manufacturing, industry and in smart cities,” he said. “We’ll share actual examples of products and processes available today and share the LCI IoT story as it relates to OneControl. OneControl uses IoT concepts to control coaches and pull diagnostics codes that are used to help RVers resolve issues faster than ever before.”

Led by the IDEA Center at the University of Notre Dame, IDEA Week is an innovation festival hosting business, technology, and entertainment events to provide entrepreneurs, students, and community members in the northern Indiana region with the practical knowledge, creative inspiration, and social foundation they need to innovate within their own careers, studies, and communities.

Rupchock added that he would also share examples of other companies in Michiana that are making a name for themselves in the IoT space. “The point is this stuff is happening in our own backyard and is not some foreign Silicon Valley concept,” he said.

Additionally, Rupchock said he would be emphasizing how IoT is used extensively to improve service issues.

“I’ll also be sharing that one of the biggest challenges with IoT is sorting through all the data collected by devices and encouraging the audience to not have ‘analysis paralysis,’” he said. “Find an application, focus on it, and make sense of the new data acquired after you’ve proven out the initial thesis or solved for that first problem that required a cloud connection in the first place. Many people fail in this space when they become overwhelmed by trying to make sense of a massive amount of incoming data.”

For more information, including registration information to attend the IoT Today and Tomorrow panel discussion, visit www.ideaweek.com.