New RV Lock from Lippert

Lippert Components Inc. (LCI) has introduced RV Lock, an integrated locking system for RV entry doors. According to a press release, RV Lock is a keyless entry system designed to be highly secure, with over one million possible door locking combinations, utilizing a wireless, ten-digit keypad. The battery powered system works independently of the RVs power source, decreasing the possibility of campers becoming locked out of their RV.

The product is available to OEMs exclusively from LCI and as of July 15 will become the standard keyless entry system for all LCI entry doors.

Installation of RV Lock is comparable to conventional RV door locks. The heavy-duty steel locking mechanism and wiring is consolidated in the door handle, making production management simpler for OEMs by eliminating multiple parts to inventory and install.

“This sleek new battery-operated system consolidates the remote features into the door handle,” said CEO Jason Lippert. “The RV Lock reduces parts that are currently used in assembly of other remote systems and also eliminates the need for hard wiring to the vehicle’s electrical system. The easy installation, enhanced security, and contemporary styling of the RV Lock will allow us to continue to supply RV entry doors with the most advanced locking systems currently available.”