Remember Pokemon Go? Millions of people use their smartphones to capture fictional creatures. Those creatures appear on their screen as if they were in the same real-world as the player. As reported by WSBT TV, the game has been credited for bringing augmented reality to the masses.

Now businesses around the world are using this same technology to sell products. RV and marine supplier Lippert Components Inc. has been using the technology for almost a year to help sell the products you’ll find inside and outside RVs.

Lippert’s RV product manager Dominick Bilancio can walk customers through an RV with Lippert parts — with or without stepping foot inside an actual RV.

“You can actually walk through the floorplan,” says Bilancio.

That is because he is using augmented reality, a technology that puts 3-D objects in the room with you. It’s how Lippert is designing and selling its products to RV companies.

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