Goshen, Ind.-based supplier Lippert Components Inc. introduces Tire Linc, designed to enhance automotive tire monitoring systems and inform RVers of tire status when towing.

According to a press release, tire failure and blowouts can result in serious accidents and is a major expense for RVers today. Lippert Components’ new Tire Linc monitors tire pressure and temperature to inform the tow vehicle driver with critical information that an event may occur.

“The Tire Linc system was designed especially for the RV and the mobile lifestyle,” explains Andy Murray, vice president of RV sales for Lippert Components. “As a tire fails due to puncture, de-lamination or improper psi, friction increases, which results in an increase in temperature. Tire Linc is designed to alert the driver of these critical changes in temperature and pressure as they occur.”

Lippert Components engineered the new Tire Linc to monitor up to 10 individual tires on both the RV and tow vehicle. Lippert said Tire Linc is easy to program and includes a wireless monitoring receiver with remote valve-stem sending units that are easy to install.

The new Lippert Components Tire Linc incorporates an internal valve stem transmitter on the tires of both the tow vehicle and the RV, enabling the driver to monitor both tow vehicle and RV at the same time. The new Tire Linc system also can be used on motorhomes and buses of any size.