The RV Show USA, an RV lifestyle radio program started in early 2017, is quickly earning a reputation as a popular program with RVers and a boon for RV businesses looking to capitalize on the program’s growing success.

Hosted by veteran Texas broadcasting personality Alan Warren, The RV Show USA airs weekly on radio stations across the country as well as the company’s Facebook page, YouTube channel, and streaming on its website.

Warren said that The RV Show USA is the only nationally syndicated radio program dedicated to RVers.

“We talk about the good stuff about RVing,” Warren said. “We try to make everything as positive as we can.”

Alan Warren

Warren spent a 35-year career in broadcasting as host of a popular Texas TV fishing show and owner of a broadcast production company. When he semiretired a few years ago, his plans were to run his RV park, Big Chief RV & Cabin Resort in Burnett, Texas, near San Antonio, which he had purchased in 2013. Then a friend who hosts a popular automotive radio show suggested he start a radio show for RV enthusiasts.

So Warren took the advice and, in January of 2017, The RV Show USA was born.

The RV Show USA is produced live each Wednesday from the Salem Media Group Studios in San Antonio, Texas. The live show is then packaged and distributed nationally to station affiliates via Westwood One, the program’s syndication partner. In addition, the program is available as a podcast, which allow listeners to listen to the show in shorter segments.

Topics run the gamut, Warren mentioned, ranging from RV parks to product introductions to interviews with RVers, as well as related activities such as kayaking.

Warren said he enjoys working on the program, but its success has meant he’s so busy he hardly feels semi-retired. “Ever since I started the show, I’ve been pretty much parked at the RV park,” he laughed.

Warren pointed out that the show is a great advertising vehicle for local RV dealers. Shows tailored to a specific audience are always of interest to advertisers, he said, adding that he gives dealers a market-exclusive deal so they don’t have to compete with other local retailers on the show.

“It’s a really feel-good way to separate yourself in the marketplace,” Warren commented.

Diana LeBlanc-Link

One regular guest on the show is Diana LeBlanc-Link, president and part owner of PPL Motorhomes, the country’s largest RV consignment dealer with three locations in Texas.

LeBlanc-Link, known as “RV Nana” on the show and Facebook, said the program has been a boon for her company.

“(Customers) come in and they say ‘I want to meet RV Nana,’ ” LeBlanc-Link said, adding that she enjoys talking with Warren. “I just think of it like we’re in some living room sitting on the couch, just chit chatting.”

She’s talked about air conditioning issues in the RV, travel adventures, and crazy things RVers have done. One of the best parts about the show, she noted, is being able to help newbies learn the ropes.

“We all need to teach the newer people what to do,” LeBlanc-Link explained.

Baron Wiley

The RV Show USA was exactly the type of program Baron Wiley had been looking for. For years he dreamed of having an RV lifestyle program on his stations, KLUP 930 AM and KRDY 1160, both in San Antonio. When he came across The RV Show USA, his search was over. Wiley is such a fan of the program that he runs one hour of the two-hour show Saturdays on one station while the second hour is broadcast on Sundays on his other station.

The RV Show USA has been great for his stations, he told RVBUSINESS.com, because it appeals to a quality demographic and it gets them to tune into for the show.

“They’re hungry for this content, and it’s just great,” said Wiley, who is director of sales for station owner Salem Media Group.

Contact The RV Show USA at [email protected] or visit www.thervshowusa.com.