Campers gather for Little Guy customer appreciation event

Campers gather for Little Guy customer appreciation event

This week marks the running of the 3rd Annual Tearstock Rolling Home Tour, a customer appreciation event hosted by Little Guy Worldwide at Atwood Lake Park in Mineral City, Ohio.

The rally brings scores of teardrop camper owners from across the U.S. and Canada to Ohio for the one-week event. Little Guy reported in a press release that the gathering has been sold out for several months and the overflow of campers has begun setting up in other areas of the park. 

During the week, customers are treated to themed events each night hosted by the Little Guy staff.  At the park, they are able to interact, display their units and mingle with owners from different parts of the country. 

Other highlights include touring the new 63,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in nearby Sugarcreek and exploring a number of Eastern Ohio attractions including the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton.