MyPod camper from Little Guy

MyPod camper from Little Guy

Little Guy Worldwide announced the relaunch of the company’s diminutive MyPod camper trailer line, capable of being towed by a Smart Car.

According to a press release, the teardrop trailer’s design uses an innovative aluminum frame and pure fiberglass body, with the [email protected] model tipping the scale less than 450 pounds and boasting a tongue weight around 60 pounds. Since the trailer is lightweight and has a small profile, it is perfect for anyone who owns a smaller vehicle but still wants to take along a camper for trips, the company said.

Little Guy makes the myPod in two models to suit customers’ needs: [email protected] and [email protected] The budget-friendly [email protected] has an MSRP that starts at $6,875, which does not include the cost of shipping and preparation work performed by the dealer. The camper comes with a full size bed inside, providing sleeping arrangements for two people. Also included as standard equipment are LED interior lights for a bright yet economical way to illuminate the interior at night. Owners can keep the sun out and maintain privacy with the standard vinyl blinds.

Available exterior paint colors include white, silver, red, black and blue available as stock options, while custom colors can be had through special order. A Power Package includes multiple 12-volt and 110-volt electrical outlets in the teardrop trailer’s interior, porch lights, a dual directional three-speed roof fan, 25-foot power cord, and 30-amp inlet. With the Power Package, the battery for the trailer charges whenever it is connected to shoreline power on the tow vehicle.

The myPod [email protected] has a starting MSRP of $7,995, which does not include the shipping and dealer preparation fees. On top of the standard features included in the [email protected] model, the [email protected] offers an air conditioning unit that comes already installed and the standard Entertainment Package, which includes a 19-inch television and speakers securely mounted inside the camper.

The new Little Guy myPod [email protected] is the perfect size for towing with a smaller vehicle, without sacrificing interior comfort for two people. Both models have a measured width from fender to fender of just 74 inches, an exterior height of 61 inches, and an overall length of 11 feet. The inside width of the myPod model measure 60 inches.  The interior height measures 41 inches, and the length comes in at 77 inches.

“We’re very excited to launch the new myPod models,” the company stated in a release. “Their lightweight frame is perfect for any automobile, even something as small as a trike or a smart car. This line has quickly become a big hit with our customers and we’re eager to see more of them on the road.”

For more information about the myPod, and options available, visit golittleguy.com or call (877) 545-4897.