Quicksilver 6.0
Livin’ Lite Recreational Vehicles LLC, Wakarusa, Ind., has introduced the new  Quicksilver 6.0, a longer and narrower version of its lightest all-aluminum  folding camping trailer. ”It’s a little more aerodynamic and a little bigger  than the 5.0, which was our smallest camper,” said Livin’ Lite President  Scott Tuttle, whose company has recovered from an October fire that  destroyed its factory. At 620 pounds dry weight, the Quicksilver 6.0 is 6 1/2  feet long, 5 feet wide and designed with a tear-drop style sloped front end.  The 6.0, one of six Quicksilver floorplans that includes a truck camper and  SURV, is designed for towing by small cars and three-wheeled motorcycles.  A side door and a tent-like driver’s side foldout allow the Quicksilver 6.0 to  remain attached to the  tow vehicle in setup mode. MSRP: $5,190.