Livin’ Lite Recreational Vehicles LLC’s line of Quicksilver lightweight folding camping trailers has been named Roaming Times “Green RV of the Year.”
“Our selection was influenced by zero formaldehyde, no rotting or rusting, low cost and the ability for the camper to be pulled by an ordinary car,” Roaming Times said in a press release.
Roaming Times operates a consumer-based, RV-lifestyle website and publishes a monthly newsletter.
“Our Quicksilver line of foldout (camping trailers) are designed specifically for automobiles and minivans,” said Mike Kinzel, general manager of the Goshen, Ind., manufacturer. “We are seeing an increased demand by young families looking for an affordable, durable camper that they can tow with their current family vehicle.”
The all-aluminum Quicksilver fold-downs are available in three 5- to 10-foot units that open, respectively, to 10- and 20-feet lengths with a base price of $4,300.
“Quicksilver is a green friend on a number of levels, both in terms of construction materials and the incredible fuel savings our owners experiences as they go camping without having to use large trucks or SUVs to pull their campers,” Kinzel said.