Bob Livingston is so serious about his “RV lifestyle” that he had a custom mattress made for his recreational vehicle, a 33-foot fifth-wheel — which by today’s standards is medium-sized.

“My wife and I got a custom-made mattress for our house, and we figured, why not have the same exact one made for our RV, too,” said Livingston of Ventura, Calif., publisher of Trailer Life and MotorHome magazines. “Since we travel so much, we thought it would be a wise decision. As it turned out, it was.”

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported that Livingston, 65, a self-described travel junkie, is one of the featured seminar speakers at the 49th Annual Minneapolis/ St. Paul RV, Vacation & Camping Show. The four-day event is considered the Midwest’s largest RV show, with dealers from Minnesota and across the region attending. The show began Thursday and runs throughSunday at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Dozens of 2015 motor homes, travel trailers, fifth-wheels, tent trailers and other RV models ranging from $4,500 to $400,000 are on display. The show also will feature information on regional RV campgrounds, as well as the latest in RV and camping accessories.

“The best thing about going to a show is that it’s one-stop shopping — everything is right in front of you to look at, feel, to take photos of, to ask questions about, etc.,” Livingston said. “Having all the dealers in one location makes for a better overall shopping experience. You can take notes and compare models without all the travel of searching out dealers. If you’re looking to purchase an RV, it’s the best way to shop.”

Livingston has traveled by RV for 43 years. He has owned, driven or pulled every RV model, from budget-friendly pop-up tent campers to multimillion-dollar motor homes.

“My wanderlust for travel bit me at an early age,” said Livingston, who, by virtue of his job, frequently test-drives or pulls RVs. “My wife and I have traveled across the United States in an RV, as well as into Canada and Mexico. We’ve even traveled by RV in Germany and Finland. The RV lifestyle gives you the freedom to go where you want when you want to go … with all the conveniences of home. I’ve logged a lot of miles in airplanes, too. But when you’re traveling by RV, you don’t have to deal with all the crowded airports and make reservations for hotels and restaurants. That’s a real hassle and really gets old. But traveling in an RV never does.”

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