Folks living in travel trailers in Louisiana’s Lafayette Parish have been given a reprieve from having to comply with a new regulation restricting their use.

The Advocate reported that City-Parish President Joey Durel said this week he has directed his staff not to enforce a regulation the City-Parish Council approved that bans the use of travel trailers as permanent homes in unincorporated areas of Lafayette Parish.

Durel had initially vetoed the ordinance, but the council in November voted unanimously to override that veto.

Durel said in an e-mail he believed the travel trailer ban was too broad and gave staff too much discretion under a provision that allowed the director of the Department of Planning, Zoning and Development to make the judgment on when to waive enforcement.

“As you know, I vetoed this ordinance because it is too much heavy handed government regulation and anti property rights,” Durel wrote. “But one of my biggest concerns is that it could give a vindictive politician the ability to punish enemies and reward friends. … There need to be clearly defined rules that can be equally enforced.”

Durel said he would consider enforcing a more narrowly crafted regulation.

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