The Louisiana attorney general has filed suit against a Tangipahoa Parish campground for alleged price gouging after Hurricane Katrina, according to an Associated Press report.
The suit says the owner raised monthly rates from $350 to $900 as the campground filled up with evacuees.
Attorney General Charles Foti’s suit is his agency’s first price-gouging litigation since Hurricane Katrina struck Louisiana on August 29.
The suit says the Natalbany Creek Campground in Amite hiked prices two weeks after the storm hit, while the area remained under Gov. Kathleen Blanco’s declaration of emergency.
The litigation also says the campground’s manager called police to evict customers – evacuees who had fled Jefferson Parish and other flooded areas – who did not pay the new rates.
The Associated Press reported that the suit identifies the campground’s owner as M. Lamarr Clemons of Amite. Clemons’ lawyer, Shelby Easterly, declined to comment, saying he hadn’t finished reading the document.
Thirteen people are cited in the filing, two of them Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) officials, who have testified about the price hikes.