Dealer attendance for the first two days of the National RV Trade Show was up around 20%, according to the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA), sponsors of the event.
Attendance figures for Thursday (Dec. 5), the final day of the show, were not immediately available. However, it is generally believed that the snowstorm that began in Louisville Wednesday (Dec. 4) afternoon, held down attendance on Thursday.
Last year, the final day of the Louisville Show was the best-attended day, in terms of total attendance and dealer attendance, according to the RVIA.
This year, on Tuesday (Dec. 3), dealer attendance was up 22% to 4,381 dealership representatives, compared with 3,599 dealership attendees on the first day of the 2001 Louisville Show.
Total attendance on Tuesday amounted to 10,806 people, a 17% increase over the 9,240 attendees a year earlier.
On Wednesday, dealer attendance climbed 20% higher to 4,902 people, versus 4,101 dealership representatives a year earlier. Total attendance on Wednesday was to 12,176, a 15% increase over the 10,596 attendees during the second day of the 2001 version of the show.