The RV industry’s National Trade Show will take place in Louisville this year and in 2003, but Atlanta, Orlando and Las Vegas are possible new venues for the event, according to Mary “Mike” Hutya, vice president of meetings and shows for the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA).
Hutya brought the members of the RVIA Show Committee and Board of Directors up to date earlier this month on the possibility of moving the show away from Louisville. No decisions were made during the Sept. 14 meetings. Hutya plans to give another report in March at the RVIA Annual Meeting in Hawaii.
For now, Atlanta is the leading candidate to become the new home for the show, though the show committee wants more information before making a decision, Hutya said.
Orlando and Las Vegas are the other contenders, but their convention facilities may not have enough space available during the late-November/early-December time slot that the RVIA wants, Hutya said.
In Atlanta, the available dates “are close” to the times the RVIA desires, she said.
The RV industry’s national trade show, which is sponsored by the RVIA, has taken place in Louisville every year since 1962, except for 1987, when it was in Atlanta.
The RVIA is considering moving the show out of Louisville because it has outgrown the Kentucky Fair & Exposition Center (KFEC) and a political impasse has delayed an expansion by at least a year.
The expansion of the South Wing of the KFEC originally was scheduled to begin about now, but it has been delayed because Kentucky lawmakers were unable to agree on a new budget, so there was no funding for capital improvements.
The Kentucky Legislature will not meet again until January.
This year’s show in Louisville will take place Dec. 3-5.