Jeffersontown, Ky., a suburb of Louisville, still has a controversy over the rights of RV owners to park their rigs near their homes, despite the fact the City Council recently unveiled a proposal to relax the current RV parking restrictions, according to the Louisville Courier-Journal.
The proposed ordinance would allow Jeffersontown RV owners to park their rigs on their driveways and front yards for up to 48 hours every 30 days. Motorhomes and towable RVs as long as 40 feet could be stored in their rear and side yards.
The current ordinance allows RV parking on driveways for up to 24 hours and only motorhomes and towable RVs as long as 25 feet can be stored in rear or side yards.
RV parking along streets would continue to be banned under the latest proposal.
The maximum fine for violating the ordinance would be raised to $100 a day from $25 a day.
The Jeffersontown council will vote on the proposal on Oct. 6.
RV owners interviewed by the Courier-Journal were not pacified. Among other things, they believe a $100 a day fine would be too harsh and that 48 hours is insufficient time for getting an RV ready for a trip.