More and more Albertans are hitting the road in RVs, as sales of recreational vehicles are bouncing back along with the economy, according to a report by CBC.ca.

Emily Reid, with Go RVing Canada — the group that represents RV dealers and manufacturers — says sales are way up.

“Alberta, in the first quarter, has shown an increase of 42% increase in sales, which is one of the highest in the country,” says Reid.

The economy is playing a big role, according to Darren Paylor with Woody’s RV World. He says the recession forced manufacturers to produce RVs for less, and dealers started buying in bulk.

“Trailers have come down a lot in price,” he said. “It was timely that it happened as our Canadian dollar strengthened a lot, so the reduction in price in Canada is very substantial.”

Paylor says an RV that would have sold for $150,000 six years ago, will now have more features and sell for closer to $100,000.

Trevor Elliott is just one of many Albertans buying a bigger RV this year. He says it’s his way to escape the city. “All our friends would come and camp and go out and about and have some fun,” says Elliott.