Perhaps, one of the RV lifestyle’s best promoters is professional football TV analyst John Madden, who will travel to his ABC Sports assignment Saturday (Jan. 4) in the fourth bus conversion he has purchased from Motor Coach Industries Inc. (MCI) of Schaumberg, Ill.
Madden, former coach of the National Football League’s (NFL) Oakland Raiders, has not boarded an aircraft since 1979, preferring ground transportation in the form of a luxury motorcaoch.
He took delivery of his Madden Cruiser on Sept. 5, shortly after he was named co-host of ABC’s Monday Night Football.
Madden’s new motorhome is the second MCI E4500 that he has used.
“MCI’s relationship with John Madden spans 17 years, and we’re pleased he has chosen MCI time and again,” said Tom Sorrells, MCII’s president and COO. “His visibility not only serves MCI but also helps the industry in promoting the flexibility of motor coach travel.”
The custom interior in the new Madden Cruiser was designed by Klein Interiors Specialists of Nolensville, Tenn., and is decorated with a stained rosewood interior finish and contemporary soft tones throughout. The office area includes a built-in desk, computer, cell phone system with three telephone lines, a fax machine and three Sony flat screen TVs to give virtually any seat in the coach a view of one of hundreds of stations via Datron mobile satellite.
Madden traveled more than 80,000 miles in his motorhome during the recently completed NFL season and he spends up to 50 hours a week getting to and from games. But he prefers his home on the road to travel in an aircraft.
On Saturday, he will serve as analyst for one of the two NFL Wild Card playoff games.