A provincial parks official says they are continuing to see a change in the way Manitobans go camping.

As reported by SteinbachOnline.com, Elisabeth Ostrop made the comment as the reservation system opened up this week for most campgrounds in the province. She explains the trend toward larger RVs is evident when you look at which sites are most in demand.

“The full-service sites and the campsites that offer the higher levels of service, typically are the ones that go first,” she said. “Those are the ones that sell out on long weekends first. I think people have moved from camping in the canvas tent to the luxury RV with all kinds of slideouts so they, of course, need a little bit more power to accommodate all the amenities that they have inside their camping units.”

Ostrop says they are continuing to try and accommodate that demand.

“We do electrify more sites from time to time as budgets and space allow. But it’s kind of hard to retrofit a campground that was built in the ’50’s or ’60’s to accommodate some of these larger camping units without knocking down trees, which we don’t like to do.”

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