Conversion bus builder Marathon Coach Inc. is extending the temporary layoff of 150 workers at its Coburg, Ore., headquarters, according to a report by local TV station KVAL.
“I thought we were all expected to come back today but the layoffs are extended to Jan. 5,” said Anthony Ryan.
Fellow worker Larry Black said the timing couldn’t be any worse.
“We just have to ride it out,” said Black. “It will get better. I’m sure of that. It will just take time.”
But it’s not all bad news for these employees.
According to Marathon President and COO Steve Schoellhorn, the temporarily laid off employees will retain their health care benefits during December. They will also get holiday pay, which will be added to their January paychecks. The employees also each received a grocery bag full of food, including an entire turkey, for Thanksgiving.
For Ryan, it’s a small silver lining in an otherwise somber season.
“I think it’s the greatest thing right now,” said Ryan.
KVAL News asked Schoellhorn if he thinks the auto industry bailout will help the RV industry. He said it will not affect his company because their parts all come from Canada.