RV shipments from manufacturers to dealers were down sharply again in March, but the declines were not as steep as during the first two months of this year, according to data gathered by the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA).

Shipments of all towable RVs were down 17.8% in March to 21,700 units, compared with 26,400 units delivered during March 2000.

For the entire first quarter, towable RV deliveries were down 21.2% to 53,300 units, compared with 67,600 units shipped during the first three months of 2000.

Meanwhile, shipments of all motorhomes were down 26.8% in March to 5,200 units and deliveries were down 33.7% during the first three months of this year to 12,400 units.

Here are the shipments figures for the various product categories:

Travel trailer deliveries declined 18.5% in March 10,600 units and were down 22.8% during the first quarter to 25,400 units.

Fifth-wheel shipments were down 8.2% in March to 5,600 units and were down 18.1% in the first quarter to 14,000 units.

Folding camper deliveries declined 27.9% in March to 4,400 units and were down 21.2% in the first quarter to 11,500 units.

Truck camper shipments were down 8.3% in March to 1,100 units and were down 20% during the first quarter to 2,400 units.

Class A motorhome deliveries declined 27.1% in March to 3,500 units and were down 34.6% during the first quarter to 8,500 units.

Class B motorhome shipments fell 50% in March to 200 units and were down 50% in the first quarter to 500 units.

Class C motorhome deliveries declined 21.1% in March to 1,500 units and were down 27.7% in the first quarter to 3,400 units.