Editor’s Note: The following column by Mark Polk appears in the latest RV Education 101 newsletter as he prepares for the inaugural RVXD: The RV Experience.

Since 1997, I made the yearly trip to Louisville, Ky., in late November and early December to attend the RVIA National RV Trade Show. After more than 50 years, the RVIA show was cancelled in 2018, and was replaced by the first ever spring event, billed as RVX: The RV Experience.  

In less than two weeks we are headed to Salt Lake City, Utah, for the big RV event of the year. I don’t really know what to expect, but I hope it lives up to the all of the hype.

Last month we took the RV to Tennessee to film a couple of RV product videos for Suburban and Coleman-Mach, both divisions of Airxcel. While there, the owner of Shelburne RV, Steve Shelburne let us stay at his facility. 

Steve runs an RV repair service and RV storage operation, including mobile repairs. And they specialize in RV refrigeration repairs.  

In one of our conversations he brought up the Amish refrigerators he and his father have been building and selling for many years. They take an old RV refrigerator and convert it into an all gas refrigerator that doesn’t require any source of electricity to operate. It is not intended for RV owners, it is for folks who enjoy camping off the grid.  

All you need is an LP gas supply and you have cold food. 

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