RVs on display at Beijing RV show

The recently completed 5th International RV and Camping Exhibition held in Beijing China attracted around 40,000 attendees, according to reports from two U.S. marketing firms that presented during the event.

Kidd Group, parent of Kidd RV Consulting, said in a press release that in addition to a record turnout to the event, the RV show also enjoyed the participation of 150 RV dealers who boasted sales of over 300 RVs.  The Beijing show was hosted by 21RV.com.

Kidd RV, which specializes in marketing for the RV resort sector video, gave a presentation that included an overview of the past and present of the RV industry in the U.S., while also discussing expectations for the future of RVing in the U.S., Canada and China, based on economic trends and developmental opportunities.

“We were completely overwhelmed with the number of attendees and the sales of RVs at 21RV.com’s RV Show in Beijing,” says Aobo Dong, Chinese communications representative at Kidd Group. “Our team was very excited to be represented at the show and possibly aid the Chinese recreational vehicle industry through what has been done in the U.S. As a Chinese citizen learning about the RVing culture in America, I fully realize the potential of the RV market in China and look forward to being a part of its progression.”

Representatives from BowStern, a Florida marketing firm specializing in the recreational lifestyle industry, made presentations that covered a broad range of subjects including emerging trends, resort design, marketing and investment opportunities here in the United States. Shovel-ready projects in the U.S. and resort marketing were among the top subjects attendees wanted to know more about.

“The trip was a huge success and we made some great new contacts and frankly, friendships,” Kelly Robertson, CEO of BowStern says. “The Chinese have a beautiful country to explore. It was wonderful to have an opportunity to share best practices with this group and presenting investment opportunities for projects here in the United States.”

Plans for a second trip to China by the BowStern team have already started with target dates of October and again after the New Year in January 2013.