The Michigan Association of RVs and Campgrounds (MARVAC) has created an online job board to help its RV dealership and campground members fill vacant positions.

The whole idea, MARVAC said in its announcement, is it will allow businesses to post jobs for open positions so that the 120,000 people who visit the MARVAC website annually would discover an employment opportunity. These people identify themselves as camping and RV lifestyle enthusiasts, so they’d naturally be people who likely would prefer to work in the industry that is connected with their interests.

MARVAC's Darren Ing and Bill Sheffer

MARVAC’s Darren Ing and Bill Sheffer

“It was an idea that was probably borne out of someone saying, ‘You know what? It’s awfully difficult to find an RV tech or a mechanic, or a sales person, or someone who’ll work at our campground for the season.’ So our board said, ‘If that’s a concern for our members, then how can we help?’” said MARVAC Executive Director Bill Sheffer.

Creating an online job board is just the first step, he noted. The second and more important step is for members to actually use it. A 30-day job posting is $50, Sheffer mentioned, and MARVAC is responsible for maintaining and promoting the job board. Time will tell if the job board is a success, he added.

Other MARVAC job board details include:

• The job board will send applications and any response to your job posting will come directly to you.

• The job board will be shared frequently on MARVAC’s social media pages, and we encourage you to share them on your social pages as well.

• Applicants can find you via various filters, including region and keyword.

• Job postings will be live on the consumer website, MichiganRVandCampgrounds.org, for 30 days from the date the $50 payment is received. Members have the option to extend this timeframe if the position has not been filled or they wish to acquire more resumes.

Visit www.michiganrvandcampgrounds.org/jobs for more information.