Marzahn & King Consulting Inc., Virginia Beach, Va., has launched an Internet-based 20 group program for RV dealers that the company says will require less time and speed up the analysis of internal data.
“What makes this so unique is the shorter cycle time,” said Chuck Marzahn, one of the consulting firm’s partners.
Members of the group meet in a virtual environment for shorter meetings with greater frequency, Marzahn said.
“If (company financial) statements are closed on the 10th of the month, our dealers can be holding a meeting to review the results by the 10th,” he said. “That will allow dealers to have half of the current month to strengthen the previous month’s successes and to make midcourse adjustments.
“Until this time, dealers have been reviewing information that can be as old as 60 days.” Marzahn & King’s initial virtual 20 group was formed with dealers from the Recreational Vehicle Dealership Exchange (REDEX) being led by Ron Wheeler of Wheeler Advertising, Arlington, Tex.
“This approach to 20 group business changes the landscape significantly using sophisticated information handling and the power and speed of the Internet,” Marzahn said.