Rousseau’s RV Center in Lakeville, Mass., plans to challenge the limit of 85 recreational vehicles the Board of Selectmen recently imposed on the business, according to a report in the Standard-Times.
Donald Nagle, attorney for the Rousseau family, said a numeric limit on RVs at the center is “unsustainable” and will prompt the Rousseaus to move at least part of their business out of Lakeville.
“What we have experienced in the last couple of months is unsupportable for Rousseau’s as an ongoing business,” he said.
The business faced potential closure at three hearings earlier this year, but the selectmen repeatedly postponed a decision as they tried to push Rousseau’s to reduce the number of vehicles on its property, comply with wetlands requirements and stop illegal parking on the sides of Routes 79 and 18 where the business is located.
The business license, which came up for renewal earlier this year, called for a limit of 50 vehicles, but Rousseau’s had long exceeded that number. In February, selectmen agreed to let Rousseau’s keep 60 RVs on the lot.
Selectman Nancy Yeatts said she inspected the property recently and found 71 units, including small pop-up trailers. She said Rousseau had moved its fence away from the wetland line as the board requested, and she saw no problems during the inspection.
But Leopold R. Rousseau, owner of the dealership, said he needs about 110 units to do business. That number includes new RVs on display, along with rental vehicles and RVs being serviced.
“I wouldn’t have been able to grow if I didn’t know how to operate a business,” he said.
Board members were not satisfied with the parking plan Rousseau submitted because it did not show space for employee parking or for RVs being repaired.
The board approved the limit of 85 units proposed by Selectman Richard LaCamera, contingent upon the business getting a certificate of compliance from the Conservation Commission and developing an employee parking plan within 30 days.
Anything more would have been “like writing a blank check,” Selectman Chawner Hurd said.