At the Eastern States Exposition in Springfield, Mass., on Sunday, thousands of people descended on three buildings at the exhibition grounds to look at the selection of RVs – and to do some buying.
“There’s been a lot of interest,” said Marc LaBrecque, president of Diamond RV Centre Inc. in Hatfield. “We’ve actually sold some product.”
As reported by The Republican, attendance was brisk Sunday at the four-day-long Springfield RV, Camping and Outdoor Show, which concludes today. More than 30,000 people are expected to attend the show, which features 244 exhibitors, according to Diane R. Russell, co-chair of the show with her husband, Frank.
“The crowds have been great,” Russell said. “People are showing interest in the products.”
Robert Heyman, who owns Redwood RV Supply in Wilbraham, said he was pleasantly surprised by the large turnout. “It’s not as good as past years, but it’s very close,” he said, as several customers bought items at a nearby cash register. “It’s at least encouraging that people want to go.”
Asked why economy did not seem to be impacting attendance, Russell said, “I think a lot of people are campers. It’s something you can do less expensively than flying. You can do it more frequently.”
Gas prices and the possibility of them going up might be a concern to some people at the show, Russell said. But she added, “It’s not stopping people from camping. They’re just staying closer to home.”
Gas prices were not an issue when considering buying an RV for Roger J. Menard and his wife, Jill, of Hadley. “It’s not a big factor,” Menard said. He added that when they owned an RV, they normally drove 2,000 miles per year.
Paul S. Dunkerley of Longmeadow agreed. “Maybe a little bit, but it (gas prices) wouldn’t be a deal breaker,” he said. “If you’re able to buy this and maintain it, you should be able to afford gas.”