Columbus, Ohio-based conversion-shell manufacturer Mauck2 LLC has created four widebody Class C-based models built on Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis that are being marketed to an array of specialty buyers, including the RV consumer.

”We are quickly ramping up,” said Andy Mauck, Mauck2 LLC founder and president.

The company builds 88-inch-wide bonded-fiberglass-and-galvanized-steel shells that are assembled on the 11,030-pound GVWR Sprinter 3500 cab chassis. Interiors are then completed by Creative Mobile Interiors, also of Columbus, and sold and distributed by DATTCO Inc., a family owned New Britain, Conn., transportation company.

For the RV market, Mauck2 is promoting a Mauck2 Personal Traveler that’s ”designed for people who want to travel, but not stay overnight in it regularly,” Mauck said.

The 24-foot Personal Traveler features a marine recycling toilet, microwave, small refrigerator and galley and bathroom sinks. A driver-side couch — with opposing reclining chairs — converts into a bed.

”We are trying to get away from every sale being a custom-build,” Mauck said, noting that Mauck2 continues to take custom orders. ”It’s still a developmental enterprise. It’s quite a niche product, particularly for the RV industry. It’s halfway between a conversion vehicle and a traditional RV.”

Mauck was the designer in the 1990s of the Mauck Special Vehicle (MSV), which gained cult status among some RVers because of its unique, futuristic styling.

The company currently is generally building a Mauck2 model a week in a wing of a 25,000-square-foot factory in Columbus that it shares with fabricator MRS Industrial Inc.

”We don’t modify anything that Mercedes-Benz does on the Sprinter chassis outside of the approved guidelines,” Mauck said.

Other models currently in production include the Mauck2 Golf Mobile/Tailgater, designed to hold two golf foursomes and all their gear; the Mauck2 Limo, a variation of the classic limousine seating 14 people complete with a rear cocktail bar; and the Mauck2 Shuttle, a high-end shuttle bus that also can seat as many as 14.

MSRPs range from $90,000 to $150,000, Mauck said.