MaxxAir (large)Proper ventilation is always important on an RV, but it’s needed even more when the weather is less than ideal. Allowing ceiling fans to run despite rainy weather, MaxxAir Vent Corp.’s improved Fan/Mate models 850 and 950 rain covers completely enclose a roof fan or roof vent. They provide fresh air while also offering excellent rain protection for the rig’s interior. Designed for use with high-powered ceiling fans, the new Fan/Mate models offer a vent area 20% larger than the previous version to ensure even better fan performance by allowing high-volume air-flow. Available in white or black and constructed of high-strength polyethylene with UV inhibitors, the Fan/Mate also boasts redesigned louvers and galvanized screens to safeguard against rain and debris. For more information: MaxxAir Vent Corp., 5513 W. Sligh Ave., Tampa, FL 33634; (800) 780-9893, www.maxxair.com.