The MBA Rental School is set to run Feb. 5-7 at the Tuscany Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nev.

According to a press release, the traditional curriculum polished to provide attendees new and creative ways to apply the basics for a successful rental dealership practice. 

Topics that will be covered include:

  • How to use a handful of key performance indicators to improve your company immediately.
  • Breakout sessions that are more like workshops than class rooms. 
  • RV Rental business plans for startups.
  • Specific floorplans that rent and sell.
  • Insurance and claims 101.
  • How to handle damage gracefully.
  • Offseason rental opportunities.
  • P2P industry disruptors:  Working with them for your success.

To register for the school visit www.MBArentalschool.com. For  more information call 800-622-2201.