Digital signage from Mediapro

Mediapro Inc., a leader in the digital signage industry, announces the launch of three product lines tailored for RV showrooms, accessory departments and customer waiting lounges.

“Quality video presentations can actually convince a customer to buy now, especially if there is an incentive attached to it,” James Moran, a multi-year RV industry representative and now sales manager for Mediapro, stated in a press release. “Video presentations have unfailingly proven to have the most impact on a viewer. Just look at the infomercial industry.”

Mediapro’s offerings include three models for wall-mounted signage application, one integrated floor mounted video kiosk and an interactive floor mount touch-screen model. The touch-screen model virtually plays the part of a sales person by engaging the viewer on an interactive journey through products, related news and special offerings.

Moran said that in practice, Mediapro software/hardware solutions convert flat-panel TV screens into a video messaging system. Inherent features allow for showing live TV content in part of the screen, while the remaining part can be further split into one or more panes to showcase products, internal news and events. Sales efforts can be timed with new product arrivals, overstocked items that need to move.

Jeremy Peters, CEO of Mediapro, has a doctoral degree in electronics and has been an AV professional for over 25 years. Product design is one of his main strengths.

For further information call 626-893-7666 or visit www.mediaprosystems.com.