For some RV dealers, the sting of the recession hasn’t faded completely, according to an Elkhart Truth story.

“We have made some changes to our business model and we are glad we came out of it alive. I know a lot of dealers that had to close,” said Chari Frederickson, owner of Dalton’s RV Center in Wyoming.

There is an excitement in the air at the Elkhart RV Open House, but also a tentative spirit. Dealers are looking for deals and they don’t want to take on too much risk.

 “The recession was tough and we still are not back to where we were before it hit,” said Johnny Bishop, he owns Johnny Bishop RV in Mississippi with his wife, Karen.

As reported by the Truth, with an economy that has improved dramatically since the recession, people are ready to look at RVs, but at a price that is right for them. Any RV dealer or manufacturer will tell you that it isn’t about just the price point though.

“Customers want a bang for their buck,” said Don Clark, president and co-owner of Grand Design RV in Middlebury, Ind. “They don’t just want a great price, they also expect high quality and low maintenance, because they don’t have a lot of free time and they want to spend it using the RV, not working on it.”

Bishop said one of the keys to the RV industry’s revival has been the ability to make quality RVs that hit a lot of different price points for the customer.

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