World premiere of the new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter in Duisburg, Germany.

Commercial vehicle manufacturer, Mercedes-Benz Vans, has revealed its new Sprinter van in Duisburg, Germany, featuring a connectivity package that supports telematics applications, according to a report by Prime Mover Magazine.

“In the logistics and transport world of the future, adaptability to specific needs and the changing expectations of customers will be a defining success factor,” said Mercedes-Benz Vans Global CEO, Volker Mornhinweg – adding that just building a good vehicle is not enough. “The new Sprinter must be more than the sum of its parts. With new connectivity services, a new telematics generation and an unprecedented number of variants, it is a comprehensive system meeting an enormous range of commercial transport requirements.”

It is possible to generate 1,734 different Sprinter variants just using the basic parameters such as body type, powertrain concept, cab configuration, body length, tonnage and cargo space height, according to Mercedes-Benz Vans.

Mercedes-Benz Vans Australia and New Zealand CEO and Managing Director Diane Tarr said that since the Sprinter’s introduction in 1998, it has led the market with its first two generations. “With such a vast and configurable range of variants, we have provided sector-specific solutions covering a range from classic courier services over the last delivery mile, major motorhome manufacturers, service providers, eGrocery delivery, construction, manufacturing, rental, passenger transportation and of course ambulance services.

“Amazingly we are now adding even more, opening the Sprinter to new sectors through additional variants and features, whilst providing a far more intelligent, user-friendly and interactive Sprinter range. Not to mention we will further bolster safety through a range of new assistance systems, previously only found in the passenger car range,” she said.

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