Meyer Distributing has added Truck System Technologies to its lineup of products.

“It’s very important that tire pressures are controlled and stay within the recommended range or tragedy can strike when you least expect it. The TPMS kits from Truck System Technologies are top of the line and when it comes to the safety of your family, you’ll want the best product available and that’s where these systems excel,” said Jason Lents, RV/towing sales manager at Meyer. “You can increase the life of your tires and also increase fuel economy by using a quality TPMS system and they install in minutes.”

“We are always looking for top-quality products that can benefit our dealers and with TST being an industry leader which focuses on customer service, it just made sense that this was a line we wanted to offer our customers” noted Evan Lemond, purchasing agent at Meyer.

He added, “These TPMS units come complete with a wide screen color display, the sensors that you will need for the tires and peace of mind knowing that you’re driving on properly inflated tires. TST offers external flow through and low profile sensors and has the ability to monitor up to 110 tires. The monitor  even has the ability to be used on up to four different trailers.”