MHC Group, Inc. is introducing its Desert Fox Class A motorhome to dozens of dealers during a cross-country tour from its factory in Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., to Charlotte, Mich.

The Desert Fox is scheduled to arrive next Tuesday (May 29) for the opening of the Spartan Motors Inc. Chassis Club Rally and Training Conference.

Spartan is the supplier of the mid-engine Me2 chassis used by MHC for the 39-foot Desert Fox motorhome.

The Spartan rally, which will end on June 1, will take place at the Eaton County Fairgrounds near Spartan’s headquarters in central Michigan.

Because the Me2 is a mid-engine chassis, the Desert Fox includes a built-in rear “garage” for hauling and storing motorcycles, bicycles, ATVs, personal watercraft – even a subcompact car – in the area where the diesel engine typically is located. The 32,000-pound-gvwr chassis is powered by a 330-hp Cummins 8.3L turbo charged diesel positioned immediately forward of the rear axle, allowing pass through basement storage at the forward end of the coach.

The Desert Fox can come with four electric slideouts by RBW Industries, Inc. The two front slideouts include a curbside J-sofa and a street side galley with fireplace. The rear slideouts feature a curbside wardrobe and a street side vanity with an optional fireplace. The 102-inch-wide Desert Fox comes with a hydraulically operated floor that becomes a ramp for loading vehicles and it is expected to retail from $275,000 to $325,000.