Michigan House Speaker, Kevin Cotter, alongside State Representative Tom Barrett, District 71, and staff today toured Spartan Motor Inc.’s manufacturing facilities and met with key senior leadership to lend their support and extend their congratulations on renewed growth and momentum by the Charlotte, Mich.-based specialty vehicle manufacturer.

According to a press release, the legislators visited Spartan’s campus in an effort to better understand the unique nature of Spartan’s engineering, manufacturing and assembly processes, across multiple varied markets. Of particular interest to the group, were the company’s recent significant operational changes, enabling Spartan to create their industry-leading products more efficiently and with higher quality.

“Spartan’s manufacturing and assembly facilities span across the country, but we’re seeing a model of excellence, and what they’re capable of, right here in Charlotte, in the heart of America’s manufacturing capital – Michigan,” explained Cotter.  “I’m very impressed with the diversity of innovation and processes – across verticles – that take place on this campus. From RV chassis to fully-equipped fire apparatus and custom drill rigs, the expertise this company and its employees bring to the table is making a big impact on Michigan’s economy, and beyond.”

While visiting Spartan, Speaker Cotter greeted employees and talked about the importance of responsive manufacturing and a customer-centric midset, in today’s evolving and hyper competitive global marketplace.

“One thing Spartan does better than most is to insist on an upfront, complete needs analysis to assess fully our customers objectives, and how Spartan can help them moving forward. Once our teams complete that analysis, they transfer that knowledge into vehicles and services designed and custom engineered to help our clients meet their goals – in their specific environments – so they can better serve their customers and communities,” said Spartan President and CEO Daryl Adams.